Water Jetting Hose - 2640N/2648N

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Parker 2640N/2648N high pressure cleaning hose handles pressures up to 26,000 psi (1,800 bar) in water jetting applications.
Parker 2640N High Pressure Water Jetter Hoses promote easy handling for operators and handle pressures up to 40,600 psi. Use water jet hose in ultra-high pressure water jetting and industrial cleaning applications, high pressure tank cleaning, hydrodemolition and for waterjet high pressure lines.

• Construction
• Hydrodemolition
• Industrial Cleaning
• All markets requiring pressures over 36,000 psi for their cleaning applications

• Compact design promotes easy handling
• Compliant with DIN EN 1829-2

• Tank cleaning
• Surface cleaning on marine vessels
• Water jetting equipment
• Industrial cleaning with working pressure up to 40,000 psi (2800 bar)
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258,78 €
Bild von 2640N-08V32 2640N-08V32 121/2-812,724,5 mm180,026100450,065250290 mm0,92 kg/m
349,88 €
Bild von 2640N-12V32 2640N-12V32 203/4-1219,033,0 mm140,020300350,050750350 mm2,16 kg/m
423,86 €
Bild von 2648N-12V32 2648N-12V32 203/4-1219,833,7 mm160,023200400,058000300 mm2,28 kg/m