SWO - Shell and Tube Water Oil Coolers - (Europe)

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The Parker SWO Water Oil Cooler is lightweight, compact and efficient shell and tube cooler for industrial and marine applications.

The Parker SWO Water Oil Coolers are manufactured to cater for the most common power requirements in the hydraulics industry. The serialised manufactured units range from the smallest size (TP-A1) with 3 kW of heat dissipation power to the largest size (TP-F6) with 500 kW per average.

Two fluids, of different starting temperatures, flow through the water oil cooler. One fluid flows through the internal tubes and the other flows around the tubes inside the shell. Heat is transferred from one fluid to the other through the tube walls, either from inside the tubes to the surrounding fluid or vice versa.

• Industrial
• Marine

• Light and compact
• Suitable for many applications
• Easy installation
• Cost-effective and environmentally friendly
• The shell is made from cast aluminium/bronze, finely machined to accept the tube bundle with no friction and accurate tolerances. All shell ports are machined by CNC equipment to provide the highest degree of accuracy.
• End covers are bolted type to allow access to the tube bundle for maintenance. Made from gun metal and hot pressed brass as standard to prevent corrosion.

• Fuel Systems
• Lubricating Oil Systems
• Filtration Systems
• Power Units
• Marine Cranes

The Parker SWO Water Oil Coolers may be installed vertically or horizontally but both fluids must circulate counter to current flow. The cooler could be installed in the return line to the tank or in a closed circuit, and bypass isolation be set in place to allow for maintenance.

We have included a small selection of part numbers for this series. For more options and information please download the SWO brochure contact us for more information.

Formerly branded as Oiltech and Olaer

PreisNameAnschlussgrösse (Zoll)ProdukttypProduktserieGrößeDurchflussMaximale KühlkapazitätMaximale BetriebstemperaturMaximaler BetriebsdruckKonstruktionswerkstoffeGewichtAnwendungen
Produkt anfragen Bild von 5150203 5150203 1SWO TP-B3SWO3104 L/min18 kW95 °C15 bargAluminium, Bronze, Kupfer, Messing und Stahl7 kgIndustrie und Schifffahrt