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  • Werkstoff
  • Dichtungsmaterial
  • Durchfluss Beiwert 1 (l/min)
  • Elektrische Spannung (V)
  • Grösse Bohrung 1 (mm)
  • Leistung (W)
  • Spulentyp

2-Wege Universal-Magnetventil von Parker, stromlos geschlossen, 1/4" BSP Anschluss

Bild für Kategorie 2-Wege Universal-Magnetventil von Parker, stromlos geschlossen, 1/4" BSP Anschluss
Parkers' 2-Way Normally Closed G 1/4" Solenoid Valves provide operating pressures up to 200 bar and flow factors up to 2.16 m3/h. They offer multiple body and sealing materials for all general purpose fluid control applications.

Parkers' 2-Way  Normally Closed G 1/4" Solenoid Valves are used in a wide variety of applications with or without pressure differential. Ideally suited for air, liquids and gases, these valves are mainly available with brass or stainless steel body associated to a large range of sealing materials offering vast chemical compatibilities.

• Beverage
• Industrial Equipment
• Life Science


• Best performances for minimum and maximum operating pressure differential
• Modular concept: a wide range of electrical parts increases the versatility of this product
• Robust design: areas under mechanical stress have been studied and oversized
• Manual override control option: valve can be easil activated also when there’s no energy supply
• Easy access to internal parts, to permit easy and quick maintenance
• Media: Air, gases, water and light oil


• Compressors
• Water dispensing & purification
• Cooling systems
• Sterilizers
• Analyzers and diagnostic equipment
• Medical and dental devices
• Welding equipment
• Lubrication equipment
• Beverage dispensing & vending machines
• Oil burners
• Humidification and misting equipment
• Mobile equipment
• Textile and dry cleaning machines
• Irrigation

PreisNameWerkstoffGrösse Bohrung 1 (mm)Leistung (W)Elektrische Spannung (V)SpulentypDurchfluss Beiwert 1 (l/min)DichtungsmaterialProduktserieVentiltypFunktionAnschlussgrößeEingangsspannungGehäusematerialDichtungsmaterialGröße Öffnung 1StromverbrauchSpulentypMaximaler DifferenzdruckMinimaler DifferenzdruckAnzahl AnschlüsseBetätigungsartMedienAnschlusstypGröße Öffnung 2Durchflusskoeffizient 2Minimale FluidtemperaturMaximale FluidtemperaturErfüllte Spulen-Spezifikationen
Produkt anfragen parker-logo_zm 550100DIS Brass39230VAC/50-60HzCoil for DIN plug connection, UL for AC4.5FKMUniversal-Magnetventile2-WegeStromlos geschlossen1/4 Zoll230VAC/50-60HzMessingFKM3 mm9 WSpule für DIN Stecker-Anschluss, UL für AC7 bar0 bar2DirektgesteuertMedium Luft, Medium ÖlBSPn/an/a-10 °C140 °CIP65
Produkt anfragen parker-logo_zm 550195DIS Brass61624VDCCoil for DIN plug connection, high power - high temperature series13FKMUniversal-Magnetventile2-WegeStromlos geschlossen1/4 Zoll24VDCMessingFKM6 mm16 WSpule für DIN Stecker-Anschluss, Hochtemperatur-, Hochleistungsbaureihe1 bar0 bar2DirektgesteuertMedium Luft, Medium ÖlBSPn/an/a-10 °C140 °CIP65