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Industrieller Austausch, Push-to-Connect, Schnellkupplungen – Serie 30

Bild für Kategorie Industrieller Austausch, Push-to-Connect, Schnellkupplungen – Serie 30
Parker's general purpose quick connect air couplers are ideal for use across a spectrum of applications where low pressure air or fluid lines require fast and easy connection and disconnection.
30 Series Quick Connect Air Couplers, up to 300 psi connect with Industrial Interchange Nipples. They are push-to-connect style, single shut off couplers that mate with nipples conforming to A-A-59439 (MIL-C-4109F, ISO 6150-B) standards. 30 Series couplers have steel, tubular style valves that deliver high flow with minimal pressure drop. Couplers are available in a range of sizes and fitting ends to be versatile for use in a wide variety of applications with air or fluid pressures up to 300 psi.

Technical Characteristics:
• Sizes: 1/4” – 3/4”
• Material: Brass
• Port Ends: Female NPTF, Male NPTF, Standard Hose Barb, Push-Lok Hose Barb
• Seal Options: Nitrile, Ethylene Propylene, Fluorocarbon

• Industrial
• Construction
• Automotive service and repair
• Factory automation

• Push-to-connect sleeve makes connection easy with one hand
• Large knurled diameter provides easy operation when gloves are worn
• High flow valves with minimal pressure drop for efficient performance
• Global connectivity with nipples conforming to A-A-59439 (MIL-C-4109F, ISO 6150-B) standards
• Optional sleeve-lock adds protection against accidental disconnection
• Optional stainless steel springs and brass valves are also offered for corrosion resistance

• Air compressors
• Pneumatic air tools and hoses
• Water lines
• Grease guns
• Cleaning equipment
• Paint applicators
• Drop-down air lines
• Blow guns
PreisNameWerkstoffID Anschlussschlauch (Zoll)Gewindemass Anschluss (Zoll)GewindeartAnschlusstypGehäusegrösse (Zoll)Maximaler BetriebsdruckMedienKupplungshälfteMinimale BetriebstemperaturMaximale BetriebstemperaturDichtungsmaterialVentiltypAnwendungenErfüllte SpezifikationenMuffentypVerriegelungstyp
Produkt anfragen 30Series_FemalePipeThreadCoupler_zm B35C Brassna1/4 - 18FemaleNPTF3/8300 psiNiederdruckfluide und DruckluftKoppler-40 °F250 °FNitrilRohrformPneumatikLässt sich verbinden mit A-A-59439 (MIL-C-4109F, ISO 6150-BDruckanschlussSperrklinken