Ultra-High Pressure Water Jetting Hose - 58,000 psi - 2840D

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Parker 2840D and 2848D ultra high pressure flexible hoses handle pressures up to 58,000 psi (4,000 bar).
Parker 2840D and 2848D hoses for ultra-high pressure water jetting applications where pressures are up to 58,000 psi (4,000 bar). They are both available with a TOUGHJACKET™ (TJ) cover to eliminate the bulky, PVC cover. Also, a TJ cover features 16% more abrasion resistance than PVC (see Parkers UHP TOUGHJACKET Series). Additionally, they feature a built in ColorGard™ sheath, giving operators easy visualization of core tube erosion for more efficient product inspections and reduced unscheduled downtime. These hoses often replace steel pipe where flexibility is important.

• Waterjetting
• Hydroforming
• Water jet cutting
• Industrial markets requiring pressures of 58,000 psi

• Operates up to 58,000 psi
• Compact design (20% smaller than comparable hoses) promotes easy handling and space savings
• Replaces steel pipe when flexibility is needed
• Compliant with DIN EN 1829-2
• Available in TOUGHJACKET design to eliminate bulky, PVC cover featuring 16% more abrasion resistance
• ColorGard™ Technology for a more reliable & safer operation

• Hydroforming (compression forming process)
• Water jet cutting equipment
• Waterblast cleaning equipment
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